Giorgio Piola
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07 Dec 2015

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Radical changes in terms of technology and regulations marked the 2014 season, with the cars being equipped with 1600 cc, six-cylinder turbocharged engines with dual internal combustion and electrical power delivery (the so-called Power Unit) in place of the classic naturally aspirated V8s. Electronically controlled rear braking and a series of aerodynamic restrictions were also introduced, the latter having a major influence on the external appearance of the cars which were very different to their predecessors. These changes and innovations also had significant sporting repercussions with the Mercedes of Rosberg and Hamilton undisputed protagonists of the World Championship, the surprising Daniel Ricciardo doing better than his teammate Vettel and the Maranello team featuring in another grey season with Fernando Alonso already heading towards McLaren. Revealing the technical secrets of the 2014 cars and providing a broad preview of the season to come is as ever Giorgio Piola who, drawing by drawing, illustrates and describes in the most minute detail the entire World Championship field.

Formula 1 2014/2015: Technical Analysis by Piola, Giorgio. Giorgio Nada Editore Srl. PAPERBACK. 8879116231 New/Unused Book w/ subtle ding/s. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.